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The PianoWell Pro School is the essential center to help you master a fluent and confident piano playing and virtuosic technique and solve your professional problems. The training method is based on the “PianoWell” system, which helps you develop conscious piano playing and musicality by developing all aspects of internal musical ear and learning to analyze and imagine a piece correctly, thereby, allowing you to discover your own interpretation. It also helps you develop awareness of the body by learning correct full arm and body movements, which allow you to freely convey Your Ideas on the instrument, fully express yourself through playing and completely open up in music.

Learning Programs
Independent Learning for piano students and teachers using our complete set of training materials.

Method Author
Emma Lieuman, the author of the “PianoWell” system, is a talented pianist and teacher, Moscow State Conservatory graduate, prize winner of international competitions, the head of The PianoWell Pro School.

“Thanks to the “PianoWell” system appearance, each pianist who has a desire to become a true professional now has an opportunity to realize his dream. By mastering the skills of correct sound production, developing all types of musical ear, mastering all musical means of expression in full measure and mastering the correct piece analysis and learning, the pianist finally advances to a long-awaited and qualitatively new level of performance. He becomes a true musician, true professional, competent performer and smart interpreter. While learning the system, the pianist masters virtuosic technique, independent and efficient studying, free and confident playing on stage. The system also successfully solves all problems related to an incorrect hand position and sound production that cause arm strain, harm, playing-related injuries and ailments. This system is designed for those pianists who consider the Truth to be most important in playing, who can work smart and accomplish each step with patience and love.”

You will learn to play just like me with the help of my courses:

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“The Art of Piano Technique” Textbooks with DVD Video Illustratios

The Art of Piano Technique is the unique, complete and thought-out training solution based on the “PianoWell” system. What’s included:
• Three classroom-type detailed textbooks — The Basic Course, The Advanced Course and The Final Course. Each textbook includes a DVD with video illustrations of properly accomplished assignments from the textbook performed by Emma.
• One 180-page, 19 pieces analysis workbook with completely analyzed and ready to learn pieces for each course.

Download a textbook sampler with selected pages from all textbooks

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The 1st Textbook for Professional Pianists
Why wasn't there any single textbook for pianists up until now? There're more than 100 various books where discussions about how to play correctly take place. These books include psychological, physiological or simply biographical literature. Many of them were written by famous pianists and professors of the 20th century. The authors tried their best to find the right answers but still these books don't provide accurate formulas and systems for pianist training. And the question about effective and independent studying has remained open until today. Continue reading...
About the “PianoWell” system
The system was under development for 10+ years. It’s based on the author’s experience, studies with 20+ teachers and professors and lessons with her students. The system solves all problems that create physical and mental obstacles on the way to the main dream of any pianist — to play to one’s own pleasure and sense the listener’s pleasure, which the listener feels when music truly penetrates his heart.

The main statement of the system is that all technical problems appear when movements of a pianist don’t express true musical ideas. If his movements don’t reflect musical ideas and aren’t filled with musical imagination, then they’re in disharmony with a played piece and deprived of air, soul and freedom. The goal of a pianist is to reveal and discover these ideas by learning to imagine all notes and all nuances in a score. And only then try to perform the conceived with correct movements, which will maximally accurately express the imagined piece.

The key difference of the system is that only this system teaches all 15 musical means of expression (MEMs), thanks to which a pianist develops all necessary aspects of his internal musical ear and correct sound production. As a result, a pianist eliminates all his technical problems, develops his own interpretation of a piece and completely expresses himself through playing. The system teaches to correctly imagine a piece and correctly perform the conceived. It teaches how to effectively analyze and learn a piece.

The system solves technical problems related to incorrect sound production:
• wrong hand and sitting position;
• languid, dull fingertips;
• rigid, inflexible wrists;
• swaying of elbows;
• inability to pass weight to the instrument;
• strained hands;
• a lack of dexterity of fingers;
• clumsy leaps and position changes in arpeggios;
• uneven passages;
• uncomfortable octaves and double notes.

The system solves problems related to inexpressive, non-relief and uninteresting playing:
• inaccurate dynamic nuances;
• inaccurate harmonic nuances;
• inaccurate articulations;
• unclear, non-relief phrasing;
• a lack of sense of form and wholeness of a piece;
• problems with expressing bright and colorful emotional image in a played piece.

The system solves problems connected to unsure playing on stage:
• nervousness before a concert, which grows to panic terror;
• anxiety, a lack of self-confidence while playing on stage;
• a constant feeling that you don’t control the audience, but the audience controls you;
• a feeling that the center is lacking, i.e. when the center of a performance isn’t your music, but the audience’s muddy thoughts;
• a feeling of dissatisfaction after playing, which slowly grows to fear and unwillingness to perform on stage.

The basis of the system is mastering all MEMs to the fullest extent. I.e. when you fully possess the knowledge of all MEMs, have the abilities to correctly express your knowledge through playing, and when you consolidate your abilities with skills — i.e. bring a part of your knowledge and abilities to automatism.

Musical means of expression at work during a virtuosic, conscious, professional performance:

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